“For kids” It’s an amazing feeling of satisfaction when you write lullaby music for children. Harmonic beauty and the absence of stress affects you in such a way that you feel like being moved to the world of fairy-tales. The project with 10 lullaby melodies is designed for the youngest kids. I will share some samples from this project at the end of October".


"Just as taking off the dust of a precious thing, we realize how beautiful and valuable it is, so it is with music… This project has a purpose of taking off the “dusty layer” from the perennial Christian hymns and look at them with new eyes. The album will consist of 8-10 melodies taken from Christian hymns and performed in contemporary way".

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With son, Kevin

Professional composer who writes music mainly for soundtracks in the styles of drama, melodrama, thriller and also music for computer games.

Dmitry Litvinenko was born in Ukraine on July 7, 1982. He was 9 years old when he first took a guitar in his hands. He was so excited about guitar playing that his parents, without much procrastination, sent him to music school to study guitar. After he finished school, Dmitry went on to study guitar at College. While studying there, Dmitry came to love the sound of the symphonic orchestra so much that following his graduation he decided to devote himself to this multifariousinstrument – orchestra. Having finished his College degree with all “A’s” at the age of 19, he entered into Lviv Conservatory to study at the department of symphonic conducting. This was the beginning of Dmitry’s long path of formation as composer. Hisbackstage work with the symphonic orchestra provided him with the invaluable experience in writing symphonic music and working with the orchestra.

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